What video and social platforms are teens and young adults in Spain using today?

Our latest research in Spain surveyed young people aged 13 to 25 about their use of top platforms. Here’s some of what we’ve learned:

WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube are their top social and video platforms. About 9 out of 10 Spanish young people use these platforms. Upwards of two-thirds check them daily, with everyday use highest for WhatsApp, at 73%.

TikTok and Facebook are also popular, with higher engagement among teens than young adults. Two-thirds of Spanish young people use TikTok, but daily use of the platform is higher among teens (61%) than people 18 to 25 (35%). And while more than half are Facebook users, teens are more likely than people 18 to 25 to check in every day (36% vs. 26%), with males 18 to 25 the group least likely to be daily users.

Many Spanish young adults are infrequent users of other platforms – Twitch and Discord for males; Twitter and Pinterest for females. While Twitch is used by 59% of males 18 to 25 and Discord is used by 46%, less than 1 in 4 are daily users. Twitter is used by 62% of females 18 to 25, with 34% checking in daily; 54% use Pinterest, with daily checks from just 11%.

Spanish gaming influencers are widely recognized. While 81% of Spanish young people follow influencers, it’s more common among males (at 88%, compared with 74% of females). Two-thirds consider themselves fans of specific influencers – especially teen boys (74%). When we presented respondents with 40 names of popular creators who are local to Spain, at least half were aware of gamers El Rubius, AuronPlay, and VEGETTA777, as well as fashion blogger Dulceida.