How are people in Argentina using the array of devices and sources available for viewing TV content? In our latest media usage study, TV Matters, we spoke to more than 1,100 Argentinians aged 6 to 44. Here’s what we learned about their viewing habits:

TV is a fundamental part of life in Argentina. More than 6 in 10 Argentinians believe that TV is an important source of entertainment in their lives. While 72% told us it can be annoying when a show isn’t available, an even larger percentage (76%) say they know where to find the shows they want to see. For many, time is a constraint – 56% think there are just too many great shows to keep up with!

Content plays an even greater role for Argentinian kids and teens than for adults. Kids and teens in Argentina are much more likely than adults to agree that TV is an important source of entertainment (72% age 6 to 17, 56% age 18 to 44). TV is even more a part of kids’ and teens’ daily routines (77% age 6 to 17, 61% age 18 to 44). And it’s even more important to them to see new episodes of their favorite shows when they’re first shown (68% age 6 to 17, 49% age 18 to 44).

Argentinians access an average of 10.1 devices at home. Teens are the age group with the broadest device access in Argentina, with 2 more on average, or 12.1 overall. A third (34%) of Argentinians have a digital streaming device, with Chromecast (18%) and Apple TV (10%) being the most common.

Their favorite device for watching shows is the TV set. Nearly 7 in 10 Argentinians (69%) told us that the TV is the device they prefer for viewing content, followed by desktop/laptop computers (23%), smartphone (5%) and tablet (3%). While all age groups prefer the TV set, Argentinians aged 18 to 24 have a strong preference for computers (34%).

Most are daily Pay TV viewers – and many who don’t subscribe are interested in adding services. Across all age groups, a majority of Argentinians tune in to Pay TV at least once per day (81% age 6 to 11, 75% age 12 to 17, 59% age 18 to 24, 72% age 25 to 34, 73% age 35 to 44). Among Argentinians aged 16 to 44, 30% of those without Pay TV and 35% without SVOD said they would be interested in paying for a subscription.

Argentinians report that they are viewing even more content than a year ago. About half (49%) told us they are viewing as much TV as last year. Among those who said they were not watching the same amount as last year, a higher percentage told us they are watching more content (28%) than less (23%).

More than anything, Argentinians look to TV shows for amusement and have a good laugh. When asked their main reasons for watching a show or video, by far the most common answer was “to be entertained/laugh” (86%). Other reasons were to relax/switch off (57%) and to help pass the time (53%).