At the end of the day, people retreat to their homes to decompress and prepare themselves for the next day. Home is where people feel they can relax and be their authentic selves – and that sense of freedom inspires creativity.

In our latest study of global adults we delved into the meaning of home, spanning 18 countries to reach over 11,000 people aged 25 to 64. This is part of a series of stories that dive into this topic.

This research revealed that home is:

A safe space. For most people (90%), home is a sanctuary from the outside world, a place to leave their worries at the door (84%). At home, people feel in control of their surroundings (90%) and don’t stress about appearances (92%). As 28-year-old Tom in the UK told us, “Home allows you to do better in every aspect of your life.”

For rest and renewal. Most people think of home as where they are best able to recharge and prepare to face life’s challenges (94%). In fact, for 81% home is the only place where they feel they can truly relax. Shaq, a 27-year-old in the US, embodies this sentiment: “I start the day with a full box of energy. Different things throughout the day take away that energy. When I come back home, I rest, relax and refill so I’m ready for the next day.”

Full of music. For 79% of people, music is an important factor in feeling at home – and for 41%, musical instruments bring forth that “at home” feeling. Over half of people (55%) say that music creates an atmosphere that makes them feel at home. For 34-year-old Bulelani in South Africa, music and family dance parties are essential. As he told us, “Music is at the center of creating that loud but fun atmosphere. It helps us create our home.”

A spiritual place. Most people say that home provides them with a feeling of inner peace (95%). For 64%, home is where they practice their faith. But these spiritual practices can happen anywhere – 58% say that God, religion, or faith makes them feel at home.

A zone of creativity. The feelings of safety and sanctuary not only help people relax, they inspire creativity. Most people say that home is where they feel comfortable expressing themselves (95%) and exploring new things and ideas (93%). It’s where people feel the freest (93%) and where they have their best ideas (85%). Many feel that home has no rules or boundaries (62%) – that it’s where they’re free to do whatever they want (58%).