What brands and styles are most appealing to global kids and their parents these days? And when it comes to developing a fashion sense, who are their biggest influences?

Nickelodeon International recently conducted a study to learn more about how both groups feel about fashion:

From an early age, fashion is “hot.” Kids are involved in buying clothes, love to shop, and feel it’s important to be fashionable.

  • Looking good and feeling good are interconnected, with 9 out of 10 kids saying they feel happier wearing their favorite clothes and 80% reporting that they get excited to wear new clothes
  • Children love to shop and create unique looks for themselves–about 75% of kids like mixing and matching clothes to create their own style, and nearly 7 in 10 enjoy clothes shopping
  • Almost 60% enjoy wearing clothes featuring favorite TV characters

Kids and parents have similar favorite clothing items–but they add different accessories to make their outfits more distinctive and cool.

  • Sneakers, jeans, and tops are kids’ and parents’ favorite clothing items—though jeans are cooler to parents than kids
  • When they want to add “cool factor” to their outfits, kids and parents turn to sunglasses and backpacks
  • Kids are more likely than parents to accessorize their looks with sneakers and hats
  • Parents add belts, shoes, and scarves to make their outfits feel more hip

Friends have the most influence on kids’ fashion sensibilities, while parents look beyond their immediate circle.

  • While nearly 7 in 10 kids find out what’s cool from friends, less than 30% of parents do
  • After friends, kids pay attention to stores (44%) and TV shows (28%) to hone their personal style
  • Parents get style inspiration from stores (55%), the internet (46%), catalogs (41%), and magazines (39%)

Selena Gomez and Beyoncé are the celebrities with the coolest style to kids. Parents like them as well.

  • While parents also rate Selena Gomez and Beyonce’s style highly, they see David Beckham and Johnny Depp as cooler
  • Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus are least cool among kids and parents
  • Local celebrities tend not to be fashion icons in their own countries