How do Millennials feel when they imagine their lives in the future? What goals do they have for themselves, and what ideals are most important?

These questions were answered in a new study by Viacom International Media Networks, “MTV Knowing Youth: 2020 Vision.” This report, which also gave insight into who global Millennials are and how they envision the world in 2020, was based on an online survey of over 6,800 people ages 15 to 24 across 32 countries, as well as qualitative work in 17 markets. The qualitative research had a sample of 72 participants and included in-person interviews in respondents’ hometowns, as well as user-generated, ethnographic videos.

From that report, here are key insights on what Millennials think life will be like for them in the year 2020:

They’re optimistic about the future. Instead of a sense that things are already improving, Millennials have an attitude that things can only get better than they are now. Tomorrow has to be better than today.

They’re taking responsibility for shaping their futures. Millennials are motivated to work and recognize the level of competition out there. They know they’ll need to fight for what they want in order to succeed. This sense of responsibility differentiates Millennials from other generations. They’re making the most of what they’ve got in hopes of attaining their ultimate goal of happiness—and they’re eager to rise to what feels like a daunting and exciting challenge.

When thinking about what specifically they’ll be doing in the future, they’re still unclear. Most Millennials do not have a clear idea of what their future will look like, how they’ll get there, or what role they can or will play as individuals in the improved world that they envision. However, they have a firm belief that they need to seek out the opportunities they want in life. They also have an underlying sense that if everyone plays their part in this way, the world can’t help but improve.

They have a desire to inspire others. While clear-cut notions of the future are rare among Millennials, the drive to make a difference cuts across age, background, and market. Most recognize the potential and the need for their generation to make the world a better place – but determining their roles as individuals can be overwhelming. However, there is a sense that by putting their energy into helping others on a micro level, they’re contributing to the bigger picture. If everyone does this, there is potential to make a real difference.

They aspire to work that fulfills them. Millennials’ “desire to inspire” largely manifests in dreams of finding meaningful work. They want jobs that make a difference. That could mean helping others directly through employment in a helping profession — or it could mean touching people in a broader sense, like by inspiring them as an entertainer. As long as everyone is doing something that fits into the bigger picture for that better world, they are doing their part.