Today we launched The Next Normal, our international millennial insights project to the US audience with our VP Research + Insight for VIMN, Christian Kurz (@KurzCh) traveling to Salt Lake City to present at Adobe Summit 2013 this afternoon.

For this post we wanted to do things a bit differently, so here’s a selection of audience tweets during the session – get to see it as the attendees did:

@thirsty_crow: The #millennial creed “technology does not make me who I am, I lets me be who I am.” We call them digital natives, but that’s not necessarily how they see themselves.

@The_Archetypist: “I don’t have Facebook friends, I have friends on Facebook. “

@smorris75: “Technology doesn’t make me who I am, it lets me be who I am” say the Millennials

@bpiwonka: Technology does not define millennials (according to them). It enables them to be themselves

@MikeQuinn: Look where the happy people live

@mikebolland: Spending time with friends and family make millennials the happiest

@KnowledgeBishop: The “millennial” top definition of success? “Being HAPPY!”

@The_Archetypist: Love this, young people see how awesome the web is, v. marketers seeing it in terms of how to monetize

@Pointmarc: Happy to learn that happiness is their #1 factor of success

@smorris75: Never thought Geordie Shore would get a mention at #AdobeSummit This event has something for everyone!

@thirsty_crow: Summary slid of the #millennials preso. #AdobeSummit