Monday, I went to hip-hop dancing. On Tuesday, there is tango dancing. I really like to just jump in.

Sonja, 34, Germany

One person's voice can make a whole crowd sing.

Ryan, 15, US

As long as I am okay with myself, I know I won’t have to worry about anything else.

Franciszek, 18, Poland

A lot of kids don’t see these things as ‘cool’ anymore so they might experience it once and then realize it’s not exciting.

Ann, 16, US

I stick up for anything that's right. Anything that's wrong, I'll step in.

Lucas, 16, US

TV is how I relax and unwind.

Rebecca, 37, UK

My family is made up of the fish, sea snails, daddy, mommy, my sister and my tablet.

Rares, 6, Romania

Five years ago, I had a lot of friends. Now I've got a small group of friends I’ve had since school. When we are together, we laugh from our stomachs. It’s nice not to have to keep up pretenses anymore.

Rodd, 35, South Africa

My friends are quite open with each other and we're all different in what we believe in, but we can all see each other's point of view. I am myself 100%.

Lauren, 17, UK

When I don’t do something right the first time, I keep on practicing. It helps me learn.

Dhylan, 6, Australia

I really like live music because it makes me feel alive, there’s just something there that you can’t buy, it makes me feel human.

Regine, 23, Philippines

I have decided to stop watching the news because it is always very negative and biased in my perception. It makes me sad.

Kasif, 24, Netherlands

At the end of the day, after my kids have fallen asleep… I have dinner with my husband, we talk about things and then we’ll watch TV.

Carmen, 45, Spain

You need to live for the moment because every day is precious.

Penny, 42, South Africa

I talk to my pets about life. When I’m sad, I’ll lay down and talk to them.

Faith, 11, Australia

Sometimes I feel the need to disconnect. I paint my nails, go out with friends and leave the phone aside for a moment.

Ana Sofia, 14, Mexico

In our day-to-day we are always running around, with the kids, work, schedules. To sit down and just watch TV, I stop thinking, it relaxes me.

Lionel, 45, Argentina

TV today is very advanced. There's so much to watch for every kind of taste, every kind of person for any time of the day.

Anita, 37, US

I get married to my friend at school every Wednesday.

Mia, 4, UK

Losing my phone during a holiday was the best thing that could happen to me. I felt more connected with others. It gave me time to reflect and enjoy my environment.

Kasif, 24, Netherlands

The thing that keeps old friends together is the knowledge that we haven’t forgotten each other. Sometimes we haven’t spoken in ages but I know if something goes wrong, I can always call them.

Michael, 40, Germany

I’m a person and my opinion matters. Everyone needs to be heard.

Julieta, 15, Argentina

He can understand reasoning. And that’s made a huge difference in how he behaves because we can say, ‘you can’t do this because…’

Mother of Toby, 3, United Kingdom

There’s more wrong in the political system than right. If I had a magic wand I’d just remove the whole thing and come up with a new system.

Mbali, 19, South Africa

Not being able to participate in conversations about TV makes you feel almost like an outsider.

Maijsa, 43, USA

Being without my mom would be weird. We’re more like friends. We tell each other everything.

Tereza, 16, Czech Republic

At my previous workplace, I was always racing against time. I didn't have time for many things, including myself. Now that I work part-time, I can organize my time much better.

Ildiko, 47, Hungary

I try not to ponder mistakes and the past, and to just learn from my mistakes. I'm trying not to overthink the future so I won’t disappoint myself too much.

Karolina, 17, Poland

Avu mimics me a lot. He loves to ‘cook’ … and then he dishes up food for everyone!

Father of Avu, 5, South Africa

I can communicate solely in GIFs. A friend and I like to see how long we can keep a loop going of only reacting in GIFs.

Jemma, 20, Australia

I feel happy when I’m with my parents. They are like my rock.

Maria Sophia, 8, Brazil

The best thing about being my age is we don't have so many responsibilities. It's simpler.

José Carlos, 15, Mexico

I'm worried that we are in the 21st century and still have racism. It’s inexcusable. We need change once and for all.

Tomás, 17, Argentina

I like to fold laundry. It makes me feel good to help my mom out with chores.

Macy, 9, US

I hate seeing pictures of girls who are perfect. It's unrealistic and the sort of thing that's not important to worry about.

Lauren, 17, UK

I call myself lucky. I have a beautiful family and good friends who love me and take me as I am. I have a home rather than living on the street like some do.

Riccardo, 16, Italy

My friends and I have a WhatsApp group and we message each other all the time. We send pictures and jokes and laugh a lot. It helps me to stay happy and smile at life.

Adrianna, 40, Colombia

I can't prioritize going out with my friends; I have to come home and study every night. That is the annoying part about being a teenager.

Grace, 14, Singapore

With my best friend I talk about movies, hobbies, animals – and most importantly, I share my secrets.

Ema, 11, Romania

This pursuit for beauty standards in our society is too much.

Bruna, 16, Brazil

I hope that in the future this generation has woken up and done many things. That we created a big change in the world.

Axel, 20, Mexico

Once I got a bad grade at school. I talked to Perry [my dog] first and then I felt confident to tell my family. He gave me the necessary confidence.

Alberto, 11, Mexico

We can’t trust anybody. If the police ever stop me, they could plant evidence. If I’m by myself I can be accused of anything because I’m black and 17.

Felipe, 17, Brazil

He can watch YouTube for 3 hours straight. He likes the Kinder Joy Surprise Egg videos, American videos, Korean videos…

Mother of Nathan, 3, Philippines

I used to panic about social gatherings. I felt like I needed people to see me in a certain way. Now I don’t feel like I have to impress anyone. I make do with what I have.

Cheryl, 48, South Africa

I acknowledge his emotions and his capacities, and I teach him how to manage those emotions.

Mother of Nico, 5, Mexico

To really achieve something in life, it is important to keep on learning. It is an ongoing process.

Nick, 17, Netherlands

Outside, we have to keep our image. When we are at home, we can do or be whatever we want.

Kae, 46, Thailand

My friends and I have this rule. When we go out we put all our phones in a bucket. Whoever touches their phone first pays the bill.

Samantha, 19, Singapore

My offline world is quite small. School, homework, soccer, chilling with friends. My online world is endless...

Joe, 16, Sydney

I worry about failing at my ambitions. And I worry about becoming 50 and giving up on life. I don’t want to have that attitude when growing older.

Will, 22, UK

If you didn’t try to improve yourself, you’d stay the same. The world is changing all the time. If you don’t change with it, you’ll get left behind.

Liv, 16, Australia

When my parents or teachers let me do something by myself, I feel free. I feel like the world is mine.

Rares, 6, Romania

At 34, I know who I am, I know what I'm capable of and I've seen how successful I can be. At 25, I didn’t have that mentality.

Sonja, 34, Germany

You must expose your children to a little bit of everything. Then they will understand what they want to do.

Father of Avu, 5, South Africa

I hate how much I use social media though. I hate how much I use it, but it’s so addictive. You just can’t stop. It’s terrible!

Olivia, 20, Australia

The world is so big. There are so many things I need to explore.

Zhangran, 8, China

It’s better to have a relationship with your kids that’s based on friendship, rather than being the strict patriarch.

Michael, dad in Germany

I always try to think things through… but sometimes the emotional reaction speaks louder.

Katherine, 16, Brazil

When I see body or slut shaming online I feel targeted, even if it’s not directed at me. By retweeting it, we stand up against it.

Ketsia, 15, France

In the past, I didn’t know how to say no. Even if I had to wake up early for work the next day, I went out late with friends. Now I know how to say no. I tell them I can only go out on the weekends. Otherwise, it will disturb my work.

Napaton, 36, Thailand

My daughter learned her ABCs, nursery rhymes, and numbers from 1 to 10 in English and Filipino from YouTube!

Mother of Precious, 2, Philippines

I must study now to get good grades so in the future I can have a happy life.

Shengwei, 8, China

When I was growing up, the dads were the providers. Now the reality is that both parents must work.

Andile, dad in South Africa

I feel like my goal is achievable, all I have to do is take things one day at a time.

Lachlan, 17, Australia

I want a stress free life! I’ve been freelance for 6 years and it's brilliant. I had enough of office politics and wanted to work for myself. If I don't like the client, I don't have to go back. I stick with the people I like.

Nick, 48, United Kingdom

I have learned to dress myself and have a bath on my own. I have learned to set the table and clean it, too.

Nico, 5, Mexico

The most important thing to me is time. We shouldn’t waste it on stupid things.

Enzo, 19, Spain

I feel excited about the world today because I know that it’s going to get better. And I am going to be there for it.

Faith, 11, Australia

We have to give ourselves the chance to fail and try again because sometimes it’s worth it.

Dorian, 16, France